Week Thirteen: Artist Interview – Jesse Minott

This week I chose a painting that stood out to me more than any other painting this year–Jesse Minott’s “Shoreline.” To me, this picture captures everything I daydream about during math or history lectures. Most of my notebooks have drawings of palm trees and shorelines, tigers, or just whatever I can imagine. Often times, when a lecture or practice problem gets to complicated, or when I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work handed to me, I will attempt to escape the stress-inducing world by imagining a palm tree-covered shore on a nice sunny day. This method often helps me to ease my mind and do things one at a time until they are all complete. The animals depicted in this scene are something I see as luxury. When I am bombarded with tests and homework, I often think to myself, “I better be a millionaire after all of this.” Of course the one thing that would make life at the shoreline as a millionaire better would be being surrounded by exotic animals. In the end, Jesse Minott’s painting reminded me of the ways I cope with stress. It is unique to me and often times helps me get through stressful times.



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