Week Twelve: Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

For this weeks art piece I chose Timothy Cooper’s “Something that means Something.” I really enjoyed Timothy’s thorough explanation on the artwork. He described its purpose and even how each plate was made; being produced using stoneware clay and a satin white glaze fire to just above 2250 degrees fahrenheit. Timothy explained that his “view that the most important materials involved in art are a community, time, and a personal desire to resolve the inequities of relation.” This explanation really enlightened me to the whole community of modern art. Most of the art pieces we have seen in these galleries have used all sorts of materials, from glass to glitter. I can see how each sort of material would have a different meaning and purpose to each artist. Timothy’s artwork actually inspired my art project for this week. After reading the description and looking back at the cross-shaped sculpture, I immediately thought of the red cross. The red cross has no boundaries and provides aid to victims of natural disasters and many third-world countries. The plates are similar in that they revolve around community, giving it purpose and direction.



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