Week 12: Teach One – Recycled Sculpting

When I use the term “recycled,” I mean material and not “unoriginal,” though much of my inspiration came from artists we have viewed throughout the semester.

The art concept I would like to teach this week comes from multiple SOA artists including this week’s Timothy Cooper and his idea of purposeful materials, Angel Franco’s “Labyrinth,” and Maccabee Shelley’s glasswork.

Recycled sculpting while simple can be frustrating. The steps are simple:

1. Choose what you would like to sculpt (I chose spiderman’s hand)

2. Collect foldable or bendable trash, scrap papers, and any other already-used materials

-The rest of the steps are based off my hand sculpture

3. Make the palm of the hand by molding tin foil or scrap paper and wrap in tape to keep shape

4. Roll up four fingers and a thumb once again wrapping in tape to keep shape

5. Tape fingers to the palm

6. Coat entire sculpture smoothly in tape

7. Paint or spray paint desired color

8. Use scotch tape to bring out nails

The majority of this artwork is working with recycled material and tape. What I enjoy most about this concept is that almost anything can be sculpted with that combination. At the same time, we are promoting conservation of our environment.



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