Week Eleven: Classmate Interview – Diana Garcia

This week I had the great pleasure of getting to know Diana Garcia. Diana is a freshman at CSULB and is majoring in Psychology. The first thing I noticed about her when we started talking was her 9 3/4 necklace. I immediately got the reference. I thought it was funny because I also saw a 9 3/4 sign on a wall at the Beachside Dorms. If you ever see a girl with a 9 3/4 necklace on its probably Diana Garcia. And if you understand the 9 3/4 reference, then you are probably a very cool person. Moving on, Diana is a very easy person to talk to. She has quite an extensive art background mostly in high-school and junior high-school. She took Draw/ Paint from eighth grade until she was a senior. She also did Cross Country in high-school. It was really nice talking to Diana, considering most of my classmate interviews had been males. I look forward to getting to know her better throughout the rest of the year.



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