Week Eleven: Choose Your Own – Black & White

For this week’s project, we got to pick what we wanted to do. I chose to draw, but not like I usually would. I picked up large, black construction paper from CSULB’s art store (for a great price too). If you click on the tab, “My Work,” you will see all my drawings of US Military Special Operations Personnel. Some are colored, others are not. I wanted this project to have a black base with white foreground in order to emphasize the “black & white” aspect.

The world, only a few decades ago, had black and white morals. Things were either good or bad, good or evil. Much of that today, however, has become gray. Today we question what is truly moral with issues like abortion, pre-marital intercourse, excessive drinking, drug abuse, foreign policies, war, and numerous other issues. My drawing represents the black & white[ness] of a soldier. Having grown up in the society with all of these questions, and probably having faced these problems themselves, soldiers have no choice but to take upon the morals of the US Military which are black & white. Drugs, alcohol, and death are not questions to the average Special Operations member. Drug abuse is never an option. Alcohol must be consumed rarely and with extreme responsibility. Taking another humans life, however, is the toughest of all these struggles. They have no option but to take another life in order to protect themselves and their buddies. Overcoming the trauma of such an act is up to the soldier to do on their own.



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