Week Ten: Classmate Interview – David Ngo

This week I had the great pleasure of getting to know David Ngo. I thought I had recognized David from another class. Turns out he is also in my Communications 132 class. This means I have more opportunities to get to know him. David is a freshman here and is studying Mechanical Engineering, just like me (so you know he’s cool). David does not have experience with art before this class. He does, however, have quite an impressive musical background. He played the trumpet for nine years and still plays today. He played for his high-school marching band and now plays for Drum Corps International. What even surprised me more is that David is currently playing rugby at Long Beach. He says its his first time. David must be a pretty brave guy to join a sport as intense as rugby, when it is his first time playing. Some of his sporting background goes back to high-school where he ran on the cross-country team. Overall I was very impressed with David’s background and decision to major in mechanical engineering. I look forward to getting to know him throughout the year.

Artist Website: davidngo8.wordpress.com



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