Week Nine: Classmate Interview – Zachary Ramirez

This week I had the great pleasure of meeting Zachary Ramirez. After being embarrassed by asking someone else if they had wanted to interview, when it turned out they weren’t even in the class, Zachary came to the rescue and offered to interview me. I learned that most of his art background came from high-school, just like me. I could also tell that Zachary was an athlete just by looking at him. Turns out he had played Varsity Football at Los Alamitos High School which I imagine is quite a challenge considering how big the school is. Looking more towards his future now, Zach is a member of CSULB’s Army ROTC where he is looking forward to participating in the many different programs they have to offer. The one he is looking forward to more recently is CULP or Cultural Understanding and Learning Program where he will be given the opportunity to travel across the globe and embrace different cultures. Right now Zach is a Sophomore majoring in Physical Education and commuting from Cypress, Orange County. He would like to teach Physical Education or coach football at the high-school level. Zach is a loyal fan of all LA sports teams.



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