Week Seven: Painting – Graffiti Art

This weeks project took me into a world that I had always prejudged as vandalism. While I do not enjoy having my neighborhood walls vandalized, I was fortunate enough to experience the other side. After spray-painting my name onto paper, I noticed how fun this could be to those who do it every other night. It is so simple to do and you can create almost anything with it. The video we watched on Tuesday opened my eyes to the message these street artists are trying to portray. Although I do not agree with vandalizing, I do understand the message of “society becoming victim to the material world.” It is a unique way to portray that message, especially in places with little to no commercial influences.

I used Olive Drab and Coyote Tan for my name because I already had those spray-cans in my garage. I use them to camouflage hunting gear. I also really enjoy the look of green and tan, where as they resemble a multicam pattern used by the US Army and a variety of Special Forces today.



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