Week Six: Classmate Interview – Frank Mai

This week I had the great pleasure of meeting Frank Mai. While waiting for class to start, Frank approached me and asked me if I needed a partner to talk to. I said “sure,” and he said, “Why not start early, right?” and I agreed with him one hundred percent seeing as how I was getting nothing done just standing there. Frank Mai is a Junior now, majoring in Computer Science. He originally came to CSULB as a biology major, but decided to do computer sciences after determining that biology was not the subject for him. He is quite active in the Fight Again Cancer Club at CSULB. Some interesting facts about Frank is that he was able to get an A his first year in Engineering without even using the textbook. Another interesting fact about Frank is that during his Freshman year at CSULB he had classes from 8:00 AM till 3:00 PM which made him feel like he was back in high-school. It was quite a pleasure meeting Frank getting much advice from him about the years ahead as scholar. I look forward to talking to him again this semester.

Artist Website – frankmai.wordpress.com



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