Week Five: Gallery Walk – The Photographic Condition

The one art piece I selected this week did not have a title. It was two pictures set next to each other. The artists of the pieces were not available this week either, so this means the art is open to my interpretation alone. I selected this piece because I enjoyed the scenery very much. It reminded me of books I used to read as a child that would have this sort of scenery where I could just look and state and observe for a good five to ten minutes. I would create my own story (when not reading the book) with the features given to me in the painting, drawing, or photograph. In this picture I saw a small town surrounded by hills; and in the picture next to it, one small defining characteristic that set my judgement for the rest of the story. I immediately assumed that this was a small but poor town with little to be known for. The table represents the old society left alone to slowly become less and less of a functional town.




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