Week Four: Artist Interview – Macabee Shelley http://maccabeeshelley.com/

This week, I also interviewed an artist named Maccabee Shelley. I had never seen artwork like his before. All of his pieces (or at least a large majority of them) were made out of glass. He does not title his art pieces, but rather leaves them open for interpretation. At one point someone asked, “Why glass?” I thought his response was very intelligent. He said glass is such a broad material. It can have many different interpretations. Glass is beautiful but it will cut you. It is tempting to touch, but will hurt you if it’s broken. It also lasts very long and has so much historical value behind it. It can also make its own shape or fill the shape of any mold it is put into. He also thought it would be important to give recognition to ASI recycling, where he gets most of his glass from. One piece of his, in particular caught my attention. It sort of looked like the ocean with the way the green blended in with the blue. It seemed calming just like the beach, but dangerous like the waters.



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