Week Two: Artist-Bridget Batch

This week’s art piece is “When We Are All Robots, We Will Still Gaze At The Stars.” Being an avid outdoorsman, this piece specifically caught my attention as we walked through the gallery. I first noticed the silvery sheet making up most of the tent. It’s a survival blanket. It wasn’t till I read the title of the piece that I realized the survival blanket was not to be taken literally, but symbolized the future of our society. Seeing the television in the tent reminded me of certain camping experiences where I would see televisions hooked up to RV’s, what I didn’t consider to be camping. It’s the small things such as this that shape the future of our world. After reading up on Bridget Batch’s artist statement, I realized that my interpretation on the artwork wasn’t entirely off. In fact it was quite accurate. Being interested in the unseen as well as the future of our world, my insights were almost identical to Bridget’s original interpretations.



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