Week One: Glamfa Artist – Mathew Usinowicz

For this week’s activity, I found a certain art piece titled, “German Whiners, Taking Off” by Mathew Usinowicz. Being half German, the first things I thought of when I saw this picture were schnitzel and U-boats. I even thought back to World War II. While my insights differed quite a lot from that of the artist, Mathew Usinowicz, these are only my first impressions. The next thing that came to was the rainbow patterns in the background. I thought of how in the aftermath of World War II–World War II being represented by the U-boat– Germans were so appalled by the outcome of the war, that they went from nearly zero-tolerance to extremely tolerant. This new liberalism of the Germans being represented by the Rainbow in the background. The only part of this painting that stumped me was the hotdog and the yellow and red stripes painted over the bun turning into ketchup and mustard.
Going back to the artist, I learned that he lived the “American working class” life, being a butcher, paperboy, and even serving in the Navy. Knowing this now, I imagine his take on this painting was much simpler and more centralized around the American way of life.



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